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Great Ideas for Sunshine Sauce
Sunshine Sauce has no sugars or fats that would caramelize or burn during a long cook. This gives it its versatility. It can be used a marinade, a continuous basting sauce, or a finishing touch on your favorite meat.

Pulled Pork
Rub a pork shoulder with Sunshine sauce prior to cooking. Continue to baste in Sunshine Sauce even after you have separated the pork

Pork Chops
Use as a marinade or basting sauce on your pork chops

Use as a marinade or basting sauce on your favorite method of cooking chicken

Chicken Wings
Grilled or fried Sunshine Sauce shines with Chicken Wings. Baste or marinate the wings before and during cooking. Makes a great dipping sauce as well

Makes a great condiment on those brats

Cut up kielbasa into bite size pieces and use Sunshine Sauce as a dipping sauce. A sure hit as an appetizer or happy hour snack.

Ribs love a long slow cook. Don’t be afraid to continually baste those racks with Sunshine Sauce. Whether pork or beef, Short or Baby back no need to worry about carmelizing or burning your sauce. Let the flavor soak in the entirety of your cook.

Use as a substitute for your favorite appetizer or snack. Pretzels, fries, potatoe skins,

Cole Slaw
Add a bit of Sunshine Sauce to your cole slaw to spice it up a bit

Mix with your favorite BBQ Sauce
We aren’t afraid to share the glory. Mix Sunshine Sauce with your favorite tomato based BBQ sauce and enjoy the best of both worlds. This is a fantastic way to baste and finish pork chops. We are working in the R&D lab to develop our own tomato based sauce but until then mix away!


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